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Should Prostitution be Legal ?

Should Prostitution be Legal? Take the Poll.

Prostitution and Political Sex Scandals

A major scandal rocked our nation when it was publicly announced that Deborah Jeane Palfrey operated an escort / prostitution service in Washington D.C.
Wow, imagine that. She provided a service that people were seeking, employed women who were seeking employment, paid these women well and did her best to ensure safe working conditions. Hmmm. Seems like sound business practices to me.
And yet, certain individuals want to send her to prison because of some outdated puritanical laws that are left over from the times of witch burning and other proud moments in our history.

Hypocrisy and Prostitution

One of our readers said it best: "The perception of Prostitution is more ridiculous and hypocritical than all else. It's the oldest profession yet the one most demonized. Why? The government could control the houses with all health issues addressed, tax revenues for the government, contented customers who now hide, and finally prostitution off the streets. Instead, it's illegal with harsh jail sentences, and not government controlled.
I find it perplexing that politicians, bankers, lawyers, business people, and all other men and women use the profession, yet it's illegal in the eyes of the religious and hypocrites. It's all lunacy." -- NelsonR,
The very politicians and government officials who fight to ban prostitution are indulging in it. Wow, what a surprise. Hypocrisy at it's finest. The beauty here is that Deborah Jeane Palfrey's defense team has decided to release the names of all her clients, most likely including some of those same government officials.

Escort Service or Prostitution... So What's the Difference?

OK, she says it was a high end escort service, but authorities are calling it a prostitution ring.
We hear a lot about escort services and how they're legal, but every now and then an "escort service" gets shut down and the media proudly proclaims it was actually "a prostitution ring". So what's really the difference? Plausible Deniability... An escort service simply introduces the escort to the client. He or she is responsible for what goes on behind closed doors. Which by the way is no one else's business!

Is Prostitution a Sin?

Here's an interesting question... Please take a moment and really think about this one. No, not the media propaganda - what do YOU think?
Why is prostitution a Sin? Clearly it's driven by the religious fringe that cried foul when Janet Jackson's breast escaped. These are the same people that declared a day of mourning for the "breast" moment.
If fact, why don't we just ask women to keep their faces covered in public while we're at it? There are other religious extremists in this world who still require women to cover their faces in public (it's pornographic and sinful to show their faces).
And do they really need to be allowed to go to jobs? Nah, let's force them to stay in their homes, pregnant and raising babies. And this whole voting mess, clearly that's for men only.
Obviously there's a need for more separation of church and state - laws like this are downright scary.

Why is Prostitution a Crime?

Here's the question of the hour. Why is prostitution a crime? Does prostitution compare to rape and murder, where the rights of another person are truly violated?
Prostitution is a mutual decision by both parties to have sex.
Driving it underground results in a very unsafe environment for the escorts and their clients in this industry. Most of the ills people cite about prostitution is propaganda they've heard on the news for years - the majority of it which is entirely caused by driving this activity underground. Remember Prohibition?
It is about nothing more than government taking away the rights of private citizens - keeping adults from having consensual sex.
It's weird - in some ways we're the most sexually liberated society in history, and in other ways we're downright puritanical about it.

While We're At It, Why Don't We Outlaw Plumbers and Other Services Performed by Consenting Adults Too?

I'm sure glad plumbers don't have to fix drains and toilets on the black market. Can you imagine swarms of housewives going to plumbing brothels to learn the fine art of "fixing that leaky faucet"?
Of course, there would be no state regulation, so anyone could pass themselves off as a plumber (board certified too). You'd have to meet him in a dark alley, exchange cash, and hope you don't get mugged or shot just for going out to find a plumber.
And of course you couldn't ask your friends and colleagues what plumber they recommend - nope, that doesn't work after a professional is criminalized. So people still use the services, but the costs go way up, reliability goes way down, and the danger for everyone is increased a hundred fold...

Prostitution is Illegal Today - But has it Stopped?

Of course not, sex is too hard wired into our nature as human beings. It's basic supply and demand...
Underground services will always continue, but they are never safe. Imagine the state prostitution safety board inspecting brothels for safety and women's rights actually being enforced in this industry.
How about the state employment commissions and OSHA actually protecting these women? Many of them endure horrible conditions and are forced into virtual slavery on the streets - all because their government abandoned them on false religious grounds?
Imagine... those police resources that today are wasted arresting these women and their customers - could be used to protect these women and actually reduce the real crime.
Think about the countless women working the streets, lurking in back alleys to keep from being arrested. It's amazing that in a supposedly civilized and enlightened society, such a woman fears the law as much as she fears being mugged (or worse) in a back alley where she has to hide out.
This is right out of the middle ages.

Let's Make Prostitution Safe, Save Lives, and Bring in Tax Dollars

Push aside the social stigmas and phobias for a minute and consider this...
A doctor has to show his medical license, and it can be revoked if he commits malpractice.
A nail manicurist and a hair stylist also are regulated by their local government safety boards, to make sure they follow safe working practices, keep a clean work environment, and provide for the well being of their customers.
Imagine... How about a "sex professional" who must get tested weekly - and has to display her official medical results in the "office"?
How about major corporations entering the business, and taking responsibility for the safety of these employees and of their clients? It would be an amazing win-win-win for the companies, the working women, and their customers.

Dan And Jennifer , Published 05/16/2007, Valuable Content.Com

Pertanyaan di atas cukup menantang untuk kita berpikir ulang tentang nilai-nilai yang kita junjung selama ini, khususnya dari segi moralitas. Sering kita dengar atau baca di media negeri ini bahwa kita adalah suatu bangsa yang menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai kemanusiaan, bangsa yang religius, yang penuh dengan sopan santun, penuh toleran…..bla…bla…dsb., yang intinya kita ini katanya suatu bangsa yang “bermoral”, karenanya pelacuran dilarang keras. Tapi rupanya hal tersebut hanya slogan kosong belaka. Lihat saja, sering pula kita dengar atau baca di media bahwa banyak pejabat atau pemuka masyarakat di suatu tempat di negeri ini kedapatan berselingkuh atau berbuat maksiat. Yang jelas, lain di omongan lain pula di perbuatan, penuh kemunafikan. Sampai buku karangan M. Emka, Jakarta Undercover : Sex ’n the city harus beberapa kali cetak ulang di tahun yang sama, dan ada terusannya pula. Banyak kota atau daerah mengilegalkan atau menutup suatu ”lokalisasi”, tapi pelacuran tetap bertebaran di mana-mana, yang terang-terangan atau pun yang terselubung. Dan hal itu sebenarnya lebih banyak bahayanya. Karena tidak terawasi dan sulit untuk menertibkannya. Contohnya di Jakarta, dengan ditutupnya lokalisasi yang terbesar di kota itu, mengakibatkan makin banyaknya ”lokalisasi kecil” yang justru tersebar hampir di seluruh pojok kota, tidak tercatat dan tidak terawasi. Begitu pula di Bali, khususnya di Kuta. Lokalisasi memang tidak boleh ada, karena Bali bukan tujuan wisata seks, tapi kita bisa mendapatkan perempuan-perempuan penghibur itu di kafe-kafe atau sejenisnya. Bagaimana ini? Bukankah akan lebih berbahaya lagi? Apalagi mengingat makin besarnya jumlah orang yang terjangkit HIV/AIDS, yang akan makin sulit pula menditeksi dari mana asal penyebarannya. Bagaimanapun pelacuran sulit diatasi dengan sekedar menutup atau tidak mengijinkan adanya lokalisasi. Pemecahan masalahnya tidak sesederhana itu. Kita harus melihat dan mencari tahu akar dari permasalahannya itu sendiri dengan lebih bijak dan tanpa menggunakan ”kaca mata kuda”. Maksud saya di sini bukan menyetujui penghalalan kemaksiatan, tapi untuk mempermudah pengawasan dan pembinaan.

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